So She Writes Book Review

If You Look Up to the Sky received another wonderful and amazing review – this time by @sodrewrites!


“One thing I love about If You Look Up to The Sky is it’s a strong reminder that anything is possible. There’s no need to be fearful or worry about anything, because even the sky itself is a symbol of all the beauty and hope in the world. Storms and rainbows remind us that hard times will come, but they will pass. Stars remind us that each of us is just as special as the single stars that adorn the sky and are just as important.” – So She Writes


photo by @sodrewwrites

I love what she and her family took away from the message, that they love the artwork, and that it is a favorite among all of her kids – even the teenagers.

You can read the full interview here: #kidlit | If You Look Up to the Sky